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About Bill Green...

After a life altering injury of a broken back I was introduced to this industry and it absolutely made sense to me. This is because my parents had the best of intentions when it came to planning for their retirement years, yet things did not go as planned.

My mom went on Medicare at age 65 and like most people she was overwhelmed with all the options. she ended up being offered a “free plan”, in her words, however there were no backups in place with that plan to cover catastrophic costs. With a long family history of breast cancer this should have been discussed more thoroughly with her and alternatives or backups should have been offered to protect her. Thankfully she was diagnosed early and survived the cancer, but she was left with thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs.

My dad was more fortunate and has access to the Veterans Administration health care system. Truly if it was not for them he would not be alive right now, they have taken such great care of him.

Both of them were also affected by the financial markets. My mom at one point thought she was purchasing a life insurance policy, long before her cancer diagnosis, however she was sold a variable investment that included a life insurance component. Once she discovered this she was not happy but the damage had been done with losses to her portfolio within. Now due to the recent cancer she is not eligible for nearly the amount she thought she had.

My dad inherited quite a bit of money from his parents. Thanks to the tech boom in the early 2000s and some great advice he got then it grew to over $1 Million, but then along came 2008 and some very bad advice. He had been advised to borrow funds instead of withdrawal, so when the market crashed he not only lost in his portfolio but owed back what he had taken plus interest. He now lives on only social security.

As a holistic planner it is my mission to help every family I meet with to make sure there is some sort of plan in place for these areas. Whether that be family, financial or references to legal help I will help guide you to the right place for your needs.
One of the greatest accomplishments in my career was earning a place in the Million Dollar Round Table. While that may not mean much to most, it has been a goal since I started in this career in 2014. Simply it means I have helped a lot of people get the type and amounts of coverages they needed.