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Are you turning 65 soon, retiring from work after age 65 or going on Medicare early due to being disabled by the Social Security Administration? Odds are you are being bombarded with mail, phone calls, emails, noticing commercials on TV, noticing billboards or having people like Bill knock on your door! Where can you get help to navigate this puzzle?

By working with an insurance agent like Bill!


Your Initial Enrollment Period for Medicare can be down right aggravating, especially if you are like most people and start when you turn 65!

The good news is that you can have a local resource who will explain Medicare in as much detail as you desire.

Critical Illness

Did you know that nearly 70% of all bankruptcy’s come from medical bills? Unexpected illnesses can come out of nowhere, or they can be long diagnosed but lay dormant. There could be underlying triggers, some more sever than others. Then there are the associated hospital bills!

Hospital Indemnity

One of the highest costs associated with any medical plan is a Hospital stay. There are many costs to consider including getting to the Hospital, being admitted and the unforeseen financial costs to the family.

Long Term Care

Are you worried what will happen when you get older, more frail and need some extra help around the house? Long Term Care Insurance could be the answer! But wait, you’re not that old yet! Just like any insurance this is one that needs to be planned for before its actually needed.

Final Expense

Who is going to take care of your loved ones once you’re gone? How will they be able to pay for their final wishes? Do you have money set aside in the bank for this? If so, good for you for being a planner! However you may be using the wrong tool for the job!

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Bill Helps with all of this

I put together this website to help people  understand what protection & options are available to them and their loved ones.

Simply give me a call and arrange for your FREE consultation. I'll review what you have and help you avoid the land mines that may occur due to confusion.