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Cancer and Heart Coverage

Did you know that nearly 70% of all bankruptcy’s come from medical bills? Unexpected illnesses can come out of no where, or they can be long diagnosed but lay dormant. There could be underlying triggers, some more sever than others. Then there are the associated hospital bills!

Young couple hugging and standing by the hospital window


According to the American Cancer Society both men and women have an almost 40% chance of developing cancer at some point in their lifetime.

On nearly any medical insurance whether it is major medical or Medicare the medical costs for Cancer are usually the same

  • 20% of the cost for chemotherapy drugs up to your maximum out of pocket

But what if there is a new experimental treatment that your insurance will not approve?

Man having heart attack and girl sending for ambulance

Heart Disease and Stroke

According to the American Heart Association as we age and develop more health issues we are more prone to having a heart attack or stroke.

If you have a major heart related event, heart attack or stroke, it is very likely you will have high medical bills to go along with it.

  • Hospital admission costs
  • ER costs
  • Ambulance or Helicopter Ride
  • Surgery costs
  • And more…

What about the non-medical costs or Cancer and Major Heart Issues?

  • Time away from work for you or a spouse?
  • Travel to the hospital/hotel costs for family?
  • Pet Boarding?
  • Help around the house cooking/cleaning/maintenance while a spouse works or you are sick?

A Lump Sum Cancer and/or Heart Attack plan can help cover or offset these costs at a very trying time in your life.